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                          產品中心product center
                          • Corrosion inhibitor

                          • Lithium molybdate 20~35%

                          • Lithium nitrate 20~40%

                          • Lithium bromide solution 50~55% (corrosion inhibitor type: Type C)

                          • Lithium bromide solution 48~55% (corrosion inhibitor type: lithium molybdate)

                          • Central air conditioning repair, replacement, replacement

                          服務優勢 Service advantages
                          • The company participated in the formulation of the industry standard of the first edition of "Lithium Bromide Solution for Refrigerators", and won the third prize of Science and Technology Progress Award from the National Petroleum and Chemical Industry Bureau.

                          • The testing equipment is perfect, the quality index of lithium bromide solution is optimized, and the annual production capacity of lithium bromide solution is 3000 tons.

                          • Possess advanced lithium bromide solution testing equipment.

                          • Provide professional air conditioning system service 24 hours × 365 days!

                          • The company has a wealth of practical experience in the maintenance and transformation of central air-conditioning and the comprehensive judgment of system failures.

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