• The operation and management of the central air-conditioning system requires professional personnel to complete. Our company first proposed the contract management operation plan, that is, the user signed a contract with our company, and paid a certain amount of contracting amount each year. The company is responsible for the operation of the user host and the whole system.

    Maintenance, failures are sent by our company to ensure that users can use it with confidence. Equipped with professional and technical personnel management, it is really easy to use.


    The equipment operation management department of the company consists of air-conditioning professional technicians, air-conditioning equipment marketing personnel, air-conditioning engineering construction management personnel, air-conditioning equipment operation and maintenance personnel, and has advanced air-conditioning system debugging and maintenance equipment.

    The company has a number of engineering and technical personnel with professional qualifications in the field of property management such as air-conditioning heating, water supply and drainage, and many years of relevant work experience.