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    Comparison of the scope and advantages of lithium bromide units

    TIME:2019/01/02 09:52:24 NUM:

         The smaller the scope of application, the following conditions must be met: 1. There is enough heat source. 2. The cooling system has a large investment and covers a large area. 3, the load is large, the air conditioning area is less than 3,000 square meters, almost no consideration. 4. The unit equipment covers a large area and requires a large computer room. 5, professionalism is relatively strong, requires professional operation and maintenance. 6. The initial investment is large.
         Advantages: 1. Power saving. 2. There are few running parts and the failure rate is low. 3, no freon, environmental protection, does not damage the atmosphere. 4, can use waste steam, waste hot water, natural gas and other heat sources above 70 degrees, low operating costs. 5, negative pressure operation, no explosion hazard. 6, both hot and cold operation, while providing cooling and heating, and sanitary hot water.