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    Common faults in the external system of lithium bromide refrigerator

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    Common faults in external systems, the following lithium bromide refrigerator repair manufacturers take everyone to look at.
    Cause of phenomenon
    1. Cold or heat can't be taken out
    A. Air blockage or slag blockage
    B. Fan filter screen blocked
    C. Improper adjustment of water balance
    D. Improper selection of refrigerant temperature water pump
    E. The flow is too small
    F. Improper selection of fan coil
    G. Pipe valve damage
    2. Pump outlet pressure is abnormal
    A. Filter blocked
    B. System water shortage
    C. Filter blockage
    D. Pipe has air
    E. Poor pipeline
    3. Pipeline pressure gauge is severely beaten
    A. Pump cavitation
    B. The pipe is unstable
    C. Pump is not fixed or shaft eccentric
    4. Cooling water temperature is too high
    A. Insufficient traffic
    B. Air in the pipe
    C. Improper cooling tower adjustment
    D. Cooling tower packing layer is not enough
    E. Cooling tower failure
    F. Cooling tower fan reversal
    G. Excessive atmospheric humidity
    5. Cooling tower sound is abnormal
    A. Fan damage
    B. Fan blade imbalance
    C. Fan reversal